Live mix: Loophole 

This saturday I played techno in Bukowski Bar:

Live mix: Loophole

The playlist:

0:00:00 Rekord 61 Sverh (Radio Slave FYM Remix 2)
0:01:52 Pig & Dan & Alberto Ruiz Truenos (Original Mix)
0:06:05 Fixon The Pain Is Gone (Audio Injection Remix)
0:07:43 Israel Toledo Standing
0:11:22 Martin Eyerer & Florian Meindl The Rush (Original Mix)
0:15:31 Filterheadz Music Saved My Life (Original Mix)
0:18:55 Nastia Reigel Figures in Brine (Truncate Repaint)
0:22:50 Cirez D On Off (Original Mix)
0:27:44 Reinier Zonneveld & Axan Loophole (Original Mix)
0:31:32 Phunk Investigation Noizer (Original Mix)
0:35:24 Sam Paganini Dusty
0:39:03 Petter B Voltage Controlled Time (Original Mix)
0:43:43 NoizyKnobs Really Deep
0:46:29 Orion Forerunner (Jerome Sydenham & Janne Tavi Remix)
0:50:54 Woo York Siberian Night
0:54:35 Developer Catch My Flow
0:58:21 Cirez D Glow (Original Mix)
1:03:09 Tensal Achievement 3
1:05:37 Stanny Franssen Bionical Clones
1:08:09 Norbert Davenport & Robin Hirte Tijuana Mode
1:12:04 Spark Taberner Meteors
1:17:06 Robert Hood Power To Prophet
1:21:37 Marco Bailey Night Attack (Sian S Calpol Mix)
1:24:24 Adoo Drumigos (Original Mix)
1:28:18 Marcel Dettmann Linux
1:31:14 Fixon Detachment
1:34:37 David Moleon Pasive (DJ Lukas Remix)
1:36:45 Dustin Zahn Sunday Night Fever (Original Mix)
1:39:39 Vegim Thorazine (Original mix)
1:43:14 Unam Zetineb Transmissions
1:46:57 Alan Fitzpatrick Turn Down The Lights (Original Mix)
1:50:14 Birth Of Frequency In Their Steps
1:55:12 P.E.A.R.L. Desolation (Reeko Deep Version)

See also a Mixcloud page.

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Promo mix: Domino 

Here is my new promo mix, Domino:

The cover says “techno”, but half of the tracks I would rather describe as tech house. Tech house and techno play together well though.

Tony Kairom, Axel Karakasis, Sam Paganini, Florian Meindl, Nicole Moudaber and others. Places I dig: 9:54, 19:16, 28:11 (Sam Paganini: Domino), 31:18, 37:37, 54:04, 1:04:43, 1:10:14, 1:21:15. The mix is also available on Mixcloud.

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Promo mix: Crystal Smile 

Here is my new morning psytrance / full on mix, Crystal Smile:

Promo mix: Crystal Smile

The tracklist is:

  1. Analog Pussy: Angels
  2. Mr. Peculiar: African Soul
  3. Fatali: Ocean View
  4. Safi Connection: Hello Houston
  5. Cyber Cartel: Subway Get Away
  6. Safi Connection: Human Lights
  7. Ion: Fingerz
  8. Spectra: Hi-Fly (Mr. Peculiar remix)
  9. G-Light: Planet 604
  10. Mr. Peculiar: Brainsnake
  11. Cyber Cartel: Fallout
  12. Mungusid: Safari
  13. Audiomatrixx: Anandamide
  14. Opium Of The Masses: Tunnel Of Energy
  15. Ion: Reality
  16. Mr. Peculiar: Born On Mars
  17. Fatali: Point Of View
  18. Suria: Izak
  19. Mr. Peculiar: Crystal Energy
  20. Cyber Cartel: Magnetic Fields
  21. Ion: Connect
  22. Talpa: Hidden Smile
  23. G-Light: Dance of The Morning Sun
  24. Mungusid: Crystal Smile
  25. Ninth Of Kin: Wonders (Skin Care, 2006)
  26. Cyber Cartel: Back Form Space
  27. Silver Surfers: Max E Flow
  28. G-Light: Pitch Black
  29. Fatali: Sleep On
  30. The Egg: Angel Of My Soul (Allaby Remix)
  31. Hypersonic: Vida
  32. Suria: Hallucinogirl
  33. Cyber Cartel: Electro Magnetic
  34. Rumble Pack: Back To Basics
  35. Blue Vortex: Simsic Amplifier
  36. Talamasca: Cancer

Good morning.

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Promo mix: Lights 

Here is my new atmospheric progressive house mix:

Guy J, Andre Sobota, Dosem, Egostereo, Marcelo Castelli and others. As usual, these are the best tracks of this particular mood that I have found over several years. Enjoy!

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Promo mix: Locket Rauncher 

Check out my new dark psytrance / new school hard goa mix, Locket Rauncher.

I am not a huge fan of dark psy in general, but these fourty-two pieces are really great. This is very fast music, by which I mean that there is a lot going on at any given moment. So you need to concentrate to get it. If you play it in background, it will be just noise (for an unprepared ear at least).

The tracklist is:

  1. Cactus: We Love Radio
  2. Jaws Underground: Algorythme
  3. Penta: Tollkorn
  4. Skazi: Are You Still There
  5. Rev: Locket Rauncher
  6. Digital Talk: New Age Surf
  7. Benza: Duck And Cover
  8. Ocelot: Disappear
  9. Ninth Of Kin: Gravity Breaker (Inverse Axiomatics, 2012)
  10. Audiosex: Virtual Medicine
  11. Derango: Confusion is Next
  12. Gappeq: The Torque
  13. Mubali: Spacial Distortion
  14. Ocelot: Upward Spiral
  15. Toï Doï: Fonction d’onde
  16. Flyh: Sputnik
  17. Baal: No Window
  18. Syntax Error: Bitmap Bugs
  19. Kashyyyk: Charly And Ervin
  20. Gappeq: Tower Of Babel
  21. Phi: Everything Never Can’t Stop Us, Dude
  22. Jaws Underground: Johnny Got Is Gun
  23. Gappeq: Mobius Strip
  24. Slum: Sneak, Beneath My Notice
  25. Highko & Looping: Chillout (Beloochi Remix by Psykovsky)
  26. Sienis: Phinary
  27. Time Lock: Flying
  28. Crownick: Petrified
  29. Toï Doï: Saturnday
  30. Sienis: High Frequency Science
  31. Crownick: Acoustical Veins
  32. Scorb: Mutoid (Extended Version)
  33. Tamlin: Fjaqek
  34. CCL: LF-Ants
  35. Meteloids: 48 Krunchy
  36. Psykovsky: Suddenly
  37. Fungus Funk: Metropolis (Robot Empire) (Propaganda Remix by Psykovsky)
  38. Tutankhamon 9000: Lost In Luxor
  39. Psyside: Hysteria
  40. CCL: Unleash The Beast
  41. Digital Talk: Abyss
  42. Sabretooth: Smooth Hound

Enjoy the music.

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Promo mix: Freed 

The new mix is a progressive house one.

I was going to call it “Lust And Passion” as it includes the tracks named “Circles of Lust” and “Passion Of Zorro”. But then I changed my mind: Dosem and his track Freed are the heroes of the mix. In fact, everything Dosem produces is delicious. Both “Beach Kisses” and “Silent Drop” were splendid. And now here’s Freed (40:25+) — boy is it good!

The rest of the tracks are also great. Why would I include them in the mix otherwise, right?

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