Alfa Medical’s website

Alfa Medical is a medical tourism operator. They orginize treatment in Israel for people from Russian-speaking countries.

We designed a website for the company. It’s a major substantial work. The goal was to help people in trouble to understand the company’s services and trust it with their health. The main page describes how treatment is organized, what situations the company helps with, how much it costs, and who the doctors are:

Approach to content and search engine optimization

A decision to go abroad for treatment at considerable cost is difficult. We help by disclosing all the details. If we don’t, people will Google all their doubts and fears, and may not come back. When everything is on our website, on the contrary, those who came from search will eventually become our clients.


At the heart of the site are the pages of situations. The company has all kinds of protocols, but everyone considers their case unique. We give a detailed action plan for each situation, so that the person feels that we can help them specifically and make their decision with peace.

Every situation starts with the essentials — what the person needs to know to avoid making things worse, and what we will do when they contacts us. The title here says: “The skin mole has started to itch and change. How do I confirm or refute suspicion of melanoma?”:

More situations: “I’m being treated in Russia, they’ve tried everything, but the disease is progressing” and “I’ve been diagnosed, and I want to fly in”.

After the essentials come the details. Many text blocks are universal and are used in dozens of situations. The situation page is assembled from them like from Lego pieces.

Every page ends with a fragment about money and honesty, which is also shown on the main page. This helps a person who got to a particular situation from search, learn everything in one place, rather than wander around the website.


Most “About Us” pages are useless for readers: companies just tell them how good they are. At Alfa Medical, even this standard page is addressed to the client. Employees are introduced in the order in which the client will encounter them, and each one is described in terms of what their role is:


The page doesn’t just show all the ways to get in touch, but also encourages you to not hesitate to ask questions:

In the “how to get there” box, the address and all key names are duplicated in Hebrew, in case you need to confirm a street or bus stop name with a sign, or show the address to a taxi driver.

Ilya Birman
Art director and designer