Tashkent Metro map

Introducing a new metro map for Tashkent, Uzbekistan:

Tashkent Metro map

The fourth line is still under construction, its color is not finalized. We like gold.


There are streets, parks, landmarks, and airport connections on the map. The lines go straight through familiar parts of the city. It is easy to see where the exits of a particular station are:

Tashkent Metro map

The map miraculously combines geography and geometry. The city is warped so that the center is larger, the lines look simpler and are easier to follow, but the districts and intersections have not lost their distinctiveness:

There are five big markets in Tashkent. On the map, each is indicated by its own pictogram based on a recognizable architectural image or associations with the goods being sold:

Pictograms of Tashkent markets

Souvenir edition

There is also a dark souvenir edition:

Tashkent Metro map

It references national shapes and patterns and is nice to put up at home as decoration:

Tashkent Metro map

We invite the management of Tashkent Metro to discuss the adoption of our map.

Ilya Birman
Art director

Timur Repin