Design and generator for transit timetables

Introducing both a universal design and an automatic generator of layouts for public transport timetables.

Files are automatically generated from the raw data, ready to be passed to the printers and placed at the stops:

Design and generator for transit timetables

The flexible design system supports journey-by-journey, hourly and interval timetable displays. They can be combined and annotated. All types of timetables are based on a common grid and fit each other like lego bricks. The timetables of the individual routes make up a common poster for a stop.


Despite the design rigor, it is easy to style the timetable to match the brand of a particular transit system or operator:

Mass production

The timetable differs not just from route to route, but rather from stop to stop, as even one journey runs through stops at different times:

Design and generator for transit timetables

Therefore, each stop in a city should have its own timetable that differs from the adjacent one, if only by a minute. It is a real torture for a human being to manually layout thousands of tables, double-checking hundreds of thousands of numbers.

The robot does this instantly and accurately:

Design and generator for transit timetables

Moreover, you can ask it to fit the desired dimensions, lay out the timetables horizontally, vertically, or in multiple columns, depending on how much space there is in what type of stop:

Design and generator for transit timetables

How it works

The program takes the source timetable data for each of the routes and the list of stops, then instantly generates the necessary layouts. Not only design styles are configurable, but also rules like from at which journey frequency it is sufficient to display only intervals. If necessary, a human edits the heading and footnotes.

Zero hours of designer labor
Zero hours of typesetter labor
Instant application of changes
No need for an Adobe license

We invite transit authorities as well as private carriers to cooperate.

Ilya Birman
Art director and designer

Maxim Smirnov
Minor cast

Natalya Porohina
Minor cast