Unimet website

The website is no longer avaiable online.

The Unimet website explains how the copper scrap price is formed and guides the client through the process of selling it to Unimet:

Unimet website screenshot

Stock prices for copper change constantly. Transporting the scrap over Russia takes much time, but cliens want to get the highest price for it. So Unimet offers the following service: you transport your scrap to Unimet’s warehouses, and then you are free to close the deal at the time when you like the price.

The price difference between clean copper and scrap depends on scrap class and also changes periodically. A seller fixes this difference before transporting their scrap to avoid unexpected changes:

Unimet website screenshot

An email with a password to access the clients-only section of website is sent automatically after fixing the difference, there is no sign up. Inside, a client sees information about their scrap in the warehouse, the prices, and is free to close the deal at any time:

Unimet website screenshot

To avoid monitoring stock prices, sellers specify their wanted price, and then Unimet texts them when the stock hits it.

Unimet website screenshot

All the prices a seller has requested notification of are marked on the graph:

Unimet notification settings

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