Wireless DJ is low-latency multi-touch MIDI controller for iPad. Сonnect with Traktor on your notebook and mix tunes all night long:

Wireless DJ, an iPad MIDI Controller for Traktor
“Set up and running great in under 5 mins,
the response time is equivalent to a hard wired
at a fraction of the price”
Ryan Gritt, US

Key features:

Multi-touch mixer and decks

Faders, EQ, FX, headphone and playback controls, needle search and pitch bend — it’s all there.

Magic Strips

We have a better idea than simulating jog dials: Magic Strips. One finger for pitch bending, two for ultra-precise tempo adjustment.

Simple configuration

No additional software to install on a Mac, no hassle with IP addresses, no controller mapping nightmare with supported Traktor Pro — get the configuration files.

Traktor or whatever else

In addition to using provided mappings for Traktor Pro, map Wireless DJ’s controls the way you like to any MIDI-enabled DJ software.

“The magic strips are incredibly handy”
Michael Stone, US

In action

“Amazing app!
This is the smallest mixer that I ever had”
Indra, Panama
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Free version is not time-restricted and completely functional with one deck. Use it to set things up and make sure everything fits you, and then buy the second deck.

Download Traktor mapping file

Ilya Birman
User interface designer

Evgen Bobunov
App developer