Jouele is an audio player for the web. Try it:

Ilya Birman: News

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Jouele is powered by jQuery (not included).

Very simple

Every link with a class jouele will automatically become a player for the linked MP3:

<a href="news.mp3" class="jouele">
  Ilya Birman: News

See this page’s source for an example.

Documentation covers playlists, keyboard control and two skins.

The paid version supports custom controls. With it you can make the player look like anything you want and link to fragments of the audio.

Version 3.0.4

Since 3.0 there is a separation between the free and the paid versions. Since 2.3, Jouele uses Howler (bundled) instead of jPlayer. This change helps use less bandwidth, display the preloader better and get rid of several bugs. The data-repeat feature is now supported on single tracks. When a file is unavailable, Jouele shows this with an icon, instead of just “hanging”. The markup works better in different browsers.

Ilya Birman
Designer and developer

Alexandra Godun
Documentation translator