People ride skateboards:

Even in the underground:

Underground station names drop the place’s class. Not “Spain Square”, just “Spain”:

Not “Basilica de la Sagraga Família”, just “Sagraga Família”. Note the pictogram:

The basilica itself is not particularly entertaining:

The map of underground lines is one of the best. The lines are laid over the city streets. Turns out, you don’t have to make all angles 45°:

Projected on the track wall are news, ads and time to next train:

A snack bar right on the platform:

Barcelona is the capitcal of Catalunya. It’s a part of Spain, but almost not. In the Catalan language they don’t even put the ¡’s and ¿’s in the beginning of a sentence:

The press gets printed in two languages:

The most interesting feature of the Catalan orthography is that you put a dot between two Ls when they mean “long L”. Parada anul·lada:


A plate in the port district:

In the old city, the direction of one-way streets is regulated with old signs of entrance (entrada):

And exit (salida):

When you wake up in the morning here, it seems that the day is going to be dull as almost no light enters the room. But when you get outside, you find out that the sun is doing its best:

The porch:

It’s common to embellish the doors with graffiti:

Astonishingly beautiful door and everything around it:

The Museum of the History of Barcelona has placed totems and signs for points of interest:

A sign:

Another sign:

This pictogram looks like a prancing car baring its fangs on a stick:

A trash booth:

A city construction fence:

Bus coloring hints at the city streets layout:

Police car coloring:

Taxi coloring:

Bicycle parking:

Benches for one:

A street:


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