New airport terminal looks cool. Baggage claim:

Green channel:

Departures and arrivals:

Danube is split in half by a twenty-kilometer-long artificial island:

Navigable part:

Clean part:

In Vienna there are many strange shops where all kinds of crap is sold. Windows with flashlights and batteries, troughs and mops, antediluvian electronics, weird toys, stickers and postcards, socks and slippers, bags and iPad-like photo frames are everywhere:

Pharmacies always stand out:

The text in Russian says “The area is checked” (for mines that is):

The numbers on the plates are not house numbers, they are disctrict numbers:

A staircase in an apartment house:

The small girl does not want to go with the man:

The guy thinks of a way to attract the girl’s attention:

Wayfinding in the museum district:

The road marking is often outlined with black:

The tiles in the pedestrian zone will drive crazy those of you who have the obsessive-compulsive disorder:

A sign of a tram stop, a hanging version:

The bus sign is a bit farther.

A standing version:

The route numbers are always round. They are fixed to the beam or to each other.

On the trams the numbers are backlit and also round:

Inside a tram:

Metro trains sport the frightening headlights:

Street name plate on a tunnel wall:

Oil refinery looks like a bunch of skyscrapers:


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