Impossible: The Sanyo ad is replaced with the Hunday one on the Piccadilly Circus:

Piccadilly Circus in London

Traffic lights for horsemen:

Traffic lights for horsemen in London

The green light button for horsemen:

The green light button for horsemen in London

Pedestrians are guided around a contruction site. Notice how a two-headed arrow is transformed into a one-headed one:

Pedestrians are guided around a contruction site in London

A detail of a bus stop, the logo:

A detail of a bus stop in London

A street sign in the City of Westminster:

A street sign in the City of Westminster

Red letters denote a mail district (the first part of the postcode).

A street sign in the City of London:

A street sign in the City of London

The design changes from borough to borough. Here are the versions from Southwark, Camden, Kensington & Chelsea:

A street sign in the borought of Southwark A street sign in the borought of Camden A street sign in the borought of Kensington & Chelsea

A rail depot sign:

A rail depot sign

Next mail collection day:

Next mail collection day

The wheel:

The wheel in London

A man on the Oxford Street:

A man on Oxford Street

A woman with a newspaper:

A woman with a newspaper

And a man:

A man with a newspaper

A squirrel:

A squirrel

The horsemen return home after a walk:

The horsemen return home after a walk

Here is how you take a picture of a bus:

Here is how you take a picture of a bus

Tourists look at the Trafalgar square:

Tourists look at the Trafalgar square

Autumn leaves:

Autumn leaves

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