London is the best city I have even visited.

Houses of Parliament in London

Every detail reminds you where you are:

A phone booth, a Rolay Mail van and a bus in London

Five years ago the phone boothes were full of the prostitutes ads. But they are no longer popular (the boothes), so the ads slowly disappear:

A phone booth in London

To make sure tourists can safely deal with driving on the left, every crossing reminds you to look right:

Look right

At night, the crossings are well visible thanks to the lighting columns:

Night highlighting of the pedestrian crossings

Public transport lanes are painted red:

Bus lane in London

This street is only for buses and it has a barrier:

A barrier in London

By the way, the text is hand written.

Vehicles entering the central zone pay a fee called “Congestion charge”. The zone has a special sign and road marking:

London congestion charging zone

The direction signs look beautiful, but are hard to read because of the minimalist British arrows lacking the arrowheads:

Road sign in London Road sign in London

All kinds of arrows:

All kinds of arrows

Non-standard speed limit sign:

Non-standard speed limit sign in London

London Underground is the oldest underground train network in the world. The first lines were run by competing companies, but in the twentieth century they merged under the brand Underground. Many of the modern lines still carry the names of the companies they were originally run by (Central, District, Metropolitan).

The phrase “Mind the gap” (meaning the gap between the train and the platform) became the catchphrase of the Underground:

Mind the gap

And the Underground sign, a red ring with a blue stripe, became the basis for the whole public transport identity.

London Tube

An astonishing amount of thought is put into the signage and wayfinding system.

A transfer passage:

London Tube

The diagrams list the stations of the respective line.

Same kind of diagrams are set up on the platforms, but they only show a remaining part of a line:

London Tube

On the most of the lines, the hand-rails in the carriages are colored the same as the line on the diagram (on the pictures: Central, Piccadilly, Bakerloo, Waterloo & City, Circle and Metropolitan lines):

Hand-rails colour on the London Underground Hand-rails colour on the London Underground Hand-rails colour on the London Underground Hand-rails colour on the London Underground Hand-rails colour on the London Underground Hand-rails colour on the London Underground

The Underground is very old. Always there are stations or even lines that are closed for repair. A team of designers makes sure the commuters know what services are not operating and why, how long the disruption will take and what to expect in the end:

London Tube

The disruptions are shown on the diagrams in the ticket halls and the trains:

London Tube

A water leak on Baker Street station:

London Tube

Some stations lack escalators. The passengers are waiting for a lift on Lancaster Gate station:

London Tube

If you would rather not use a lift, you can choose stairs:

London Tube

A logo on every step:

London Tube

Londoners hate the Underground.

The bus sign is a red ring with a red stripe.

A bus stop:

London bus stop London bus stop

When multiple bus stops in an area have the same name, a letter code helps to tell them apart:

London bus stop with a letter code Q

Detailed “spider maps” explain the routes from a stop:

London bus spider maps London bus spider maps London bus spider maps

A closed bus stop:

A closed bus stop in London

Rail replacement bus service stops here:

Rail replacement bus service stops here

Bus stand:

Bus stand in London

The Routemaster:

The Routemaster

The bus is considered unsafe due to the rear open platform. Also, there is no wheelchair access to it. But they are still serving two routes for the sake of beauty.

Modern buses:

Modern London buses

Bycicles are also part of the transport system:

Cycle hire point in London

One of my favorite places in London is Camden Town. On weekends the whole area becomes a crowded market.

Camden High Street:

Camden High Street in London


The Camden Market

Taste this chicken:

Taste this chicken

Let the fish taste your feet:


A very calm DJ is playing dark psytrance:

A very calm DJ is playing dark psytrance

A street sign is painted on the wall:

A street tablet is painted on the wall

London is beautiful:


A coffee seller in Soho:

A coffee seller in Soho

A porter on Knightsbridge:

A porter at Knightsbridge

A girl on Piccadilly:

A girl on Piccadilly

The buses on London bridge:

The buses on London bridge

The lawyers in Temple:

The lawyers in Temple

A man at Shepherds Market:

A man at Shepherds Market

A cyclist in Hyde Park:

A cyclist in Hyde Park

People on Millenium bridge seconds before the rain:

People on Millenium bridge seconds before the rain

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