I took a lot of pictures of Helsinki streets:

Helsinki street

They are wonderful:

Helsinki street

No lampposts:

No lampposts in Helsinki

Shabby red house:

Shabby red house

Nothing special, but it’s hard to stop admiring:

Helsinki street

When the houses are too boring, they just paint them:

Helsinki street

Traffic signs are colorful:

Traffic signs are colorful in Helsinki

Too many words:

Too many words

In Finland there are two official languages, Finnish and Swedish. Street name plates are paired:

Street name plates in Helsinki

They are simple yet very nice. Lisa aka Elisabeth:

Street name plates in Helsinki

Districts used to have animals’ names:

Street name plates in Helsinki

Finnish car license plates use one of the most beautiful fonts in Europe (see also Switzerland):

Tram stops are also simple and wonderful. They are green, made of three sections, have a name in the corner in Finnish and Swedish and some number:

Tram stop in Helsinki Tram stop in Helsinki Tram stop in Helsinki

Finnish ad:

Finnish ad

Some stops have a display panel with a table of departures:

Tram stop in Helsinki

An unusual stop:

Tram stop in Helsinki

Helsinki transport logo on a bus:

Helsinki bus

Metro entrance:

Metro in Helsinki

No turnstiles, only card readers. The text at the yellow line says you can only cross it with a pre-paid ticket, or you’ll face a fine of 80 €:

Metro in Helsinki

Every toilet, including the ones in the airport, hotel or a cafe has a hygienic shower:

Toilet with a hygienic shower

These things are mounted at many doors. Apparently, they are for snow removal:


Manhole covers:

Manhole covers in Helsinki

A brick wall:

A brick wall in Helsinki

Building entrance numbers are actually lamps:

Building entrance numbers are actually lamps

A cube:

A cube

A ball:

A ball

A prism:

A prism

A cylinder:

A cylinder

A house:

A house

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