Monte Carlo

Place du Casino:

Place du Casino in Monte Carlo

In a restaurant next to the casino, they spray cool water around:

In a restaurant next to the casino, they spray cool water around

I greatly enjoyed playing roulette. I consider the 20 euros that I have lost, a ticket price for the show. In the casino, there are clocks everywhere and nobody smokes — who would have thought! Sadly, no photography is allowed.

At the casino entrance, some cars are parked:

At the Monte Carlo casino entrance, the cars are parked

“Dad, can we take this one?”:

Dad, how about this one?

The Monaco license plate:

The license plate in Monaco

The city-state is situated on a very steep seashore. Escalators help pedestrians move around the city:

An escalator in Monte Carlo

A sidewalk of a road may actually be a balcony. When you look down, you see another road, and another one below. The street you were on turns out to be a roof of a building:

A sidewalk in Monte Carlo

July, 2010

July, 2010

Monte Carlo
July, 2010

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July, 2010

July, 2010