Announcing the book “User Interface”

I’m very excited to unveil my future book, User Interface, which will be released by Bureau Gorbunov Publishing.

Below are some spreads from the book.

Explaining modes using a great Pioneer’s CDJ-1000 player:

The explanation of Fitts’s experiment opens the chapter on aiming:

Informativeness and the myth of seven elements:

One of the brilliant historic examples of how to provide instant and continuous feedback:

One of the topics is the User Interface Syntax. Here, I’m talking about a notable exception to “command equals verb” rule:

This one is just beautiful:

In the chapter “Windows” I show many examples of thoughful workspace organization:

When the user hasn’t filled a form, the main button is usually disabled. This is not always a good idea:

The beginning of a chapter on using a grid:

And here’s just a small part of the book’s table of contents:

Please go and see the page about the book yourself.

Don’t forget to try the sample chapter!

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And stay tuned.

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