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Designing declarative APIs

The video of my Piter CSS conference talk “Designing declarative APIs” has been published

 No comments    102   2018   Emerge   Jouele   Likely   talks   web

Jouele 2.3

Jouele is a simple and beautiful audio player for the web. Eugene Lazarev has been developing it lately

 56   2017   Jouele   projects   web

User interface for Mimic 2.0

A web application’s front end (what the user sees) and back end (what happens on a remote server) are often developed separately

 145   2017   projects   user interface   web

Why are browsers so slow?

I understand why rendering a complicated layout may be slow. Or why executing a complicated script may be slow

 426   2016   browsers   programming   rants   software   web

The “Buy” button should always work

Here is one lesson I have learnt working on Envy, a cool Hawaiian car rental

 238   2016   Bureau   design   service design   web   work

Jouele 2.1

Eugene Lazarev has updated Jouele to version 2.1. It works much faster when multiple audio tracks are used on a page

 118   2016   Jouele   projects   web

Jouele 2.0

Three years ago I made Jouele, a good audio player for the web

 91   2015   Jouele   projects   web

Emerge.js with a new spinner and scrolling support

In 2013, I’ve released Emerge.js, a framework for coordinated page loading

 79   2015   Emerge   projects   web

Hand holding as a web design approach

To create a successful web page about a product, try hand holding. In addition to saying what product you have, help the reader start using it

 282   2015   design   service design   web

A proposal for custom website loaders: loading.html

In a browser, when you enter a website address and press Enter, the first thing you see is white screen — no matter how fast your internet connection is

 172   2014   browsers   Emerge   web
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