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Headings hierarchy

It’s a common mistake to denote heading level by its font size only. The popular Bootstrap CSS framework does exactly that

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The letter x is not a multiplication sign

The letter x is not a multiplication sign. Use the times sign (×) to denote multiplication

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The Medium typography

What confuses a heck out of me is that so many articles on design and typography are being published on Medium

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Ellen Lupton’s “Thinking with Type”

Don’t read this book: The book is split into three sections: Letter, Text and Grid. This gives the illusion of structure, but don’t be fooled...

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Ideal link underlines don’t care about letter descenders

Traditionally an underline was used for emphasis

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Font check marks

At Artem Gorbunov Design Bureau, we have created a set of check marks for many popular fonts

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Dealing with legal all-caps

Some lawyers think they should shout at their readers by using all-caps text — this is how they communicate the idea “this is important”

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