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Signs in an Israeli train bathroom

A couple of days ago I visited Beersheba, a city in southern Israel

Derbent bus map

Check out our new transit map. This time it’s Derbent

New York City Subway voice announcements

My post on London Underground voice announcements turned out to be surprisingly popular. So, here is another one

Signs and plaques in Kiev

More photos from Kiev. Listed building: 1 A memorial plaque

Map and reality: diagrams

In the previous two parts, we’ve figured out that the preferred distortion and layers depend on the map’s supposed use case

Map and reality: layers

In Map and reality: distortion I talked about how distortion is inevitable on a map and the question is what to distort given a particular task

Map and reality: distortion

Often, transport diagrams do not accurately represent reality. But is this “lying” even acceptable? And if yes, to what degree?

London Underground voice announcements: update 2

Remember my old post with London Underground voice announcements? I’ve found many more recordings in my collection, including the announcements on the Bakerloo and Jubilee lines

One-legged women and toilets

The eternal mystery of signage design is that women on the toilet signs often have just one leg. They are all over the world

Left and right

One of the most used wayfinding method is a phone call. A person calls their friend and gets some voice instructions on how to get somewhere

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