Ilya Birman in English

My name is Ilya Birman, and I’m a designer, writer and what not. I’ve been writing for 9 years on my blog in Russian. Now I’m starting this new blog in English. Why?

My main interests are web and graphic design and making great products. While there are some cultural aspects, I think most of the principles of good design and successful products are universal. So there’s no reason to hide my thoughts and observations from the larger audience.

I’ve also made some products which are of interest to English-speaking world. These include Wireless DJ, the great MIDI-controller app for iPad, Emcee, a small app that displays current song in the menu bar, and Biathlontime, a site on biathlon. More soon! I want to be visible to the current and the future users of my products.

So let’s see how it all works out.