Likely 2.2 for single-page applications and more

We’ve just released Likely 2.2 which adds support for single-page applications and includes many more improvements.

Ivan Akulov, the project’s maintainer, writes:

Most modern single-page apps use History API which allows developers navigate between pages without refreshing them. Since 2.2, Likely supports this API out of the box! If you place the buttons on a page and then do history.pushState () or history.replaceState (), Likely will automatically catch these changes and update itself. (Navigating backwards and forwards is also supported, of course.)

If you don’t use History API, call likely.initiate () when you need the buttons to update.

Since 2.1 we have a Telegram button, and now we add LinkedIn:

Likely LinkedIn button

There are also great improvements under the hood. As the result, the file size has been cut in half. And the code is now covered with automated tests.

See the GitHub release page for a more detailed description.