What’s wrong with Safari’s address bar

Oh, a lot of things. It’s broken beyond repair:

  • It sometimes forgets its address while the page is open and shows the default search prompt.
  • In Top Sites, the address bar would sometimes display topsites:// instead of the search prompt.
  • When you press Back, you sometimes end up on an empty page with parenttab:// (or something like this) in the address bar.
  • If you enter an address and press Enter, sometimes that would just unfocus the address bar, but not initiate a request. You need to re-focus the address bar and press Enter again (if you are lucky and Safari still remembers the address).
  • If you enter an address and press Enter, then switch tab, the page you’ve requested would sometimes open in the tab you’ve switched to instead of the one you’ve typed the address into, replacing the tab’s contents.
  • If you enter an address and press Enter, then drag the current tab to another window while it’s still loading, it would sometimes stop loading and even forget its address, becoming a new clean tab with an empty search prompt in the address bar.
  • If you enter an address and switch tabs without pressing Enter (i. e. to look something up), when you return to the original tab you will probably find out that the part of the address you have entered has been forgotten and replaced with the search prompt.
  • The progress bar will sometimes get stuck at some point after the page has been fully loaded (rare).
  • The progress bar will sometimes not get displayed at all during the loading of the page (rare).
  • When you press Esc while a website is loading, the address bar would sometimes clean itself.
  • Top Sites would sometimes be displayed instead of a page, while the URL in the addressbar is an URL of a page.