iPhone passcode keyboard rendering bug

Years pass, but Apple just wouldn’t fix this bug in iOS. When the iPhone asks you for the passcode, it shows the keyboard where system keys’ borders aren’t semitransparent:

You may think that it is so by design, but no: if you touch the keyboard, all keys’ border re-render normally, with thin borders.

And sometimes the keyboard is rendered fine initially:

Does nobody in Apple use alphanumeric passcodes? The numeric ones you usually see others type from three-meters distance. Since there is Touch ID and the passcode is rarely asked for, there is no reason to use the numeric ones.

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What’s wrong with Safari’s address bar

Oh, a lot of things. It’s broken beyond repair:

– It sometimes forgets its address while the page is open and shows the default search prompt.

  • In Top Sites, the address bar would sometimes display topsites:// instead of the search prompt.
  • When you press Back, you sometimes end up on an empty page with parenttab:// (or something like this) in the address bar.
  • If you enter an address and press Enter, sometimes that would just unfocus the address bar, but not initiate a request. You need to re-focus the address bar and press Enter again (if you are lucky and Safari still remembers the address).
  • If you enter an address and press Enter, then switch tab, the page you’ve requested would sometimes open in the tab you’ve switched to instead of the one you’ve typed the address into, replacing the tab’s contents.
  • If you enter an address and switch tabs without pressing Enter (i. e. to look something up), when you return to the original tab you will probably find out that the part of the address you have entered has been forgotten and replaced with the search prompt.
  • The progress bar will sometimes get stuck at some point after the page has been fully loaded (rare).
  • The progress bar will sometimes not get displayed at all during the loading of the page (rare).
  • When you press Esc while a website is loading, the address bar would sometimes clean itself.
  • Top Sites would sometimes be displayed instead of a page, while the URL in the addressbar is an URL of a page.
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Reminders app is so buggy

Reminders is one of buggiest apps Apple has ever made. Sometimes it forgets to remind, sometimes it reminds twice. It cannot sync anything between Macs, iOS devices and the watch. And now, it decided to remind me of five things:

Reminders app

Thanks, I guess.

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Reopen after crash

When an app that I am using crashes, I reopen it immediately. And in several seconds the OS is, like:

Reopen after crash

It has always been this way, both on Windows and on a Mac. The system is too slow to figure out that an app has crashed. This window is thus useless, it just amplifies the irritation I get because of the crash. It would be much better to just let me agree on always sending these technical reports and never bother me again.

It also happens that an app crashes when you close it. In this case suggesting reopening it is even more out of place.

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Two stupid windows on a Mac

There are two stupid windows on a Mac that annoy the hell out of me.

This one appears on my main machine in a couple of minutes after I close the lid of my notebook:

It tells me that the remote volumes are no longer available, which I well know and don’t give a shit about. What am I supposed to do with this information? If I were using the volumes in any way, like copying a file, I would have noticed the problem long ago (as the file would stop copying, obviously).

Additionally, it has two buttons that do exactly the same thing: nothing. No matter what I press, the volumes are no longer available and I can’t do anything about it. What do you mean “Disconnect All”, it’s been disconnected several minutes ago, and we both know it. This window should be killed.

This second one appears one in ten times when I change something in iCal:

Now what is that? Not only are they dumping some cryptic server messages onto me, they are also presenting me with a choice. What am I supposed to do here? I don’t want to go offline, because why would I, and I don’t want to “Revert to Server” because I have no idea what it means.

“Revert to Server” is the default one, so it feels like it’s safe to choose it, but I’ve learned that it actually undoes my latest change. There’s no excuse for that: I’ve made my change for reason. Why would you even offer me the choice to undo it, let alone make it the default one? And “Go Offline” actually saves my edit and syncs it to iCloud (when it’s in a better mood later). Someone in iCal department should read Raskin and learn that user’s input is priceless, and it should always be saved by default.

Just change the button names to “Save and sync when possible” and “Forget what I’ve just done”, and it would be ridiculously obvious that this window, too, is useless and should be removed.

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On my love to Opera

Following my post on the topic in Russian, Opera’s Vadim Makeev asked me to reproduce it in English so that other guys from Opera could fully enjoy it. So here are some screenshots from my dear Opera browser, which I’ve been using for years, and have just switched from to stupid Safari a couple of days ago. Safari sucks, as well as any other browser, but at least it looks good.

Here’s how Opera says it has to update:

Opera says it has to update

Everything is just awesome. The copy. The order and positioning of buttons. The very existence of Help button. But the winner is the crippled glow of “Install Now”.

And here’s the update process:

Opera updates itself

This one is also great. The download speed is specified up to a tenth of a kilobyte. The progress bar has a custom glare. The percentage of progress is in the middle and is displayed as black on dark-blue, again with high precision. “Time remaining: 1 second” instead of “1 second remaining”. Charming selection of buttons, with “Cancel” as the main one.

But the sweetest treat here is that this window is resizable:

Opera update window is resizable

This one is from some other version (notice how the weird button is called Minimize To Toolbar here).

But update is not the only thing Norwegian designers are keen at. Here’s a window stating that Opera has crashed:

A window stating that Opera has crashed

All measures are taken to make sure that the news freaks out the user completely. Nothing fits anywhere. The radio-button labels are centered (they should patent it!).

By the way, the default button is Send Report, which is an outrage on humanity: a browser crash is no fun in the first place, and then I have to send some crappy report? It’s kind of obvious that if you want a report, you just send it in the background and shut up. If you click the button, a page opens in the browser to imitate report sending, but in reality nothing happens. I’ve typically waited for some time, with a maximum of 3 to 4 minutes, with no success. Maybe by design it needed 15 minutes to send the report, who knows? Anyway, I got used to clicking Do Not Send Report.

The icon is nifty, but if you think about it, they have designed a custom icon for a browser crash. Crashes are important aspect of the user experience with Opera, so I guess that sort of makes sense.

Also, Opera is a unique application. After crashing it manages to do one impossible thing. It restarts and a new Opera icon appears on the right side of the Dock (while the old ones remains in the Dock). The new icon starts jumping happily, while the one to the left stays calm. How’s that even possible? I have no clue, but apparently Opera does. Because of this, after every crash it is necessary to remove the old Dock icon and then move the new one into its place.

One day the new icon didn’t appear immediately, so I clicked the old one. It started jumping, and then the new one appeared, also jumping, of course. That was real fun, since they both started to bombard me with error boxes, saying something about conflicting resources, and then they hung so I had to force quit both. Epic.

But hey, Opera has “Unite”.

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