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iPhone passcode keyboard rendering bug

Years pass, but Apple just wouldn’t fix this bug in iOS. When the iPhone asks you for the passcode, it shows the keyboard where system keys’ borders aren’t semitransparent

What’s wrong with Safari’s address bar

Oh, a lot of things. It’s broken beyond repair

Reminders app is so buggy

Reminders is one of buggiest apps Apple has ever made. Sometimes it forgets to remind, sometimes it reminds twice

Reopen after crash

When an app that I am using crashes, I reopen it immediately. And in several seconds the OS is, like...

Two stupid windows on a Mac

There are two stupid windows on a Mac that annoy the hell out of me

On my love to Opera

Following my post on the topic in Russian, Opera’s Vadim Makeev asked me to reproduce it in English so that other guys from Opera could fully enjoy it