Samara is a city on the Volga river in Russia.

There are reversible lanes here. Also, notice the sign on the very right:

There are reversible lanes in Samara

Street name plates have two names:

Street name plates have two names in Samara

One is historical, the other one is current:

A street name plate in Samara

Trolleybus route plate utilises a beautiful font:

Trolleybus route plate utilises a beautiful font in Samara

Tram and trolleybus authority:

Tram and trolleybus authority in Samara

An anchor:

An anchor sign in Samara

Entrances to a bath-house and a laundry:

Entrances to a bath-house and a laundry in Samara

The artists’ society:

A house of the artists’ society in Samara

The house is barely standing:

The house is barely standing in Samara

The pictures are from the trip in October, 2010.

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