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Ångström: the Watch and dictation

The new version of Ångström codenamed Plato is available. We now support the Apple Watch. You can talk to your Watch about all the stuff related to unit, currency or timezone conversion. A picture from our lab:

Ångström: the Watch and dictation

We don’t have a Watch, so it’s all theory. If you do, let us know what you think.

For this to work we’ve improved dictation significantly. This works on the phones, too. Press the mic button on the keyboard to try the magic.

Say “five kilograms in pounds” or “seventy-eight Fahrenheit in Celsius”. Ask a question: “What time is it in San-Francisco when it’s five o’clock in London”. Or even: “What time is it now in Beijing” (we had to support this for the watch).

We also no longer automatically paste stuff from pasteboard (this confused many people). Tap the from value to get the Paste option. We will show the popup automatically if there’s anything new in the pasteboard when you open the app.

If you are not yet using Ångström, you should:

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 26   2015   Ångström