Ångström: improvements to input and iPhones 6 support

We’ve updated Ångström to version 1.4 for you:

This is a clean-up update after not-so-smooth 1.3. We didn’t even come up with a codename: were too busy fixing everything that was broken.

Unfortunately, we had to remove the Today widget. We rushed to add it in the fall, but had really hard time making it fast and reliable. We don’t want gimmicks in our app, so for now, no widget. We will get it back as soon as we figure out how to make it up to our standards. Sorry.

Also: numerous improvements to input. When changing a unit from “meters” to “Moscow time”, 3,57 would turn into 3:34 before, will now be 3:57 (tried to be smart, but it was useless). 357msk will also be automatically be treated as 3:57 msk. You can also type 007 without a decimal point now, it will be interpreted as 0,07 or 0:07 depending on the unit selected. Less taps, we like that.

People with large iPhones 6 and 6 Plus, we will use your screen real estate better now.

The Ukrainian currency, Hryvnya is now included in a free unit pack.

If you are not yet using Ångström, you should:

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