How accidental promises hurt reputation

With Alex Babaev we have a policy of no comments about the future of Ångström. We want the freedom of being able to change our minds any time

 18   2015   Ångström

Ångström: onboarding and light redesign

We’ve updated Ångström to version 1.6

 22   2015   Ångström

Ångström: the Watch and dictation

The new version of Ångström codenamed Plato is available. We now support the Apple Watch. You can talk to your Watch about all the stuff related to unit...

 10   2015   Ångström

Autocomplete with and without selection

The inventors of classical autocomplete cleverly used text selection to denote the suggested word remainder

 79   2015   Ångström   user interface

Ångström: improvements to input and iPhones 6 support

We’ve updated Ångström to version 1.4 for you

 3   2015   Ångström

Ångström: convert time and time zones

The new version of Ångström codenamed Greenwich is now available. Everyone can now convert hours to seconds, weeks to minutes etc

 20   2014   Ångström   projects

Ångström: the update animation

One of the objectives of the design of Ångström was getting the result as fast as possible. But we’ve confronted a problem with currencies

 18   2014   Ångström   design   user interface

Ångström: no favorites

With Ångström, we were thinking about a way to make the units you use most, accessible more easily

 21   2014   Ångström   design

Ångström Style System for Cocoa

While developing Ångström, the unit converter for the iPhone (check it out!), Alex Babaev and I have come up with the Ångström Style System

 11   2014   Ångström   design   programming

Ångström, the unit and currency converter

My friend and a great iOS developer Alex Babaev approached me with an idea to make a unit converter for the iPhone

 1 comment    4   2014   Ångström   design   projects