ATP: how kids become programmers

John Siracusa in the 446th episode of ATP talks about how kids become programmers and how it didn’t work with his kids, starting at 40:36:

With my kids, I had no success getting them to want to learn to program at any age. I didn’t really push it that hard, but I was putting it in front of them, see if they are into it, see if it would grab them. And it never got hooked. And we all — all three of us — know what it means to get hooked on programming. It’s one of those things that just happens, right? You can see when programming gets its claws into somebody. And you know, it’s not subtle. You’ll find yourself just sucked in and just constantly working on this program — we all experienced it. That’s how we became who we are. But when that doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen.