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Ben Thompson on Apple versus Amazon


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Mimic 2.0: The client’s feedback

I’ve recently designed the new user interface for Mimic, a web developer tool for mocking server responses in a browser

 153   2017   feedback   projects   quotes

Jony Ive on blunt criticism

I am listening to an audiobook on Steve Jobs. A quote about blunt criticism

 85   2015   Apple   books   quotes

John Siracusa on the new MacBook

In ATP episode 108, John Siracusa is on fire regarding the new MacBook’s layered battery

 65   2015   quotes

John Gruber compares iPhone and Apple Watch introductions

John Gruber compares iPhone and Apple Watch introductions in Episode 14 of Electric Shadow podcast (starting at around 1h 24m mark...

 88   2014   Apple Watch   Gruber   iPhone   quotes

Guy English on UX

Guy English in Debug 37 on the term “user experience”

 66   2014   quotes   user interface

Francesco Franchi on form and substance

Francesco Franchi, in Designing News

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On Jordan Price’s experience working at Apple

Jordan Price in I wanted to work at Apple really bad, and now not so much

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Systematic Destruction of Twitter

Ben Brooks writes

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Gruber and Siegler in The Talk Show #4

In The Talk Show #4 John Gruber is joined by MG Siegler. What a company! It was recorded before WWDC, and they were discussing all sorts of rumors, it was quite entertaining

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