New York City Subway voice announcements

My post on London Underground voice announcements turned out to be surprisingly popular. So, here is another one. This time, let’s listen to the announcements on New York City Subway. This post is much smaller, but if you send in more recordings, I’ll be happy to update it.

Brooklyn bound Q Express train

From Lexington Av/63 St to Canal St:

Brooklyn bound L train

6 Av to Bedford Av:

Manhattan bound L train

An announcement on the Bedford Av platform:

3 Av to 14 St-Union Sq:

6 train

An announcement on the 68 St Downtown platform:

A couple of operator announcements on the train:

A usual pre-recorded announcement:


These you may hear on any train:

* * *

Do you have more or better quality New York City Subway announcements recorded? Please send them to me at

Vsevolod Volchansky 2020

tell a police officer OR an MTA employee...

Сергей Дудин 2020

Илья, большое спасибо за подборку!! Обожаю нью-йоркские эноунсименты)

Jim D 6 mo

What is the name of the person making those on board train announcements?