Promo mix: Locket Rauncher

Check out my new dark psytrance / new school hard goa mix, Locket Rauncher.

I am not a huge fan of dark psy in general, but these fourty-two pieces are really great. This is very fast music, by which I mean that there is a lot going on at any given moment. So you need to concentrate to get it. If you play it in background, it will be just noise (for an unprepared ear at least).

The tracklist is:

  1. Cactus: We Love Radio
  2. Jaws Underground: Algorythme
  3. Penta: Tollkorn
  4. Skazi: Are You Still There
  5. Rev: Locket Rauncher
  6. Digital Talk: New Age Surf
  7. Benza: Duck And Cover
  8. Ocelot: Disappear
  9. Ninth Of Kin: Gravity Breaker (Inverse Axiomatics, 2012)
  10. Audiosex: Virtual Medicine
  11. Derango: Confusion is Next
  12. Gappeq: The Torque
  13. Mubali: Spacial Distortion
  14. Ocelot: Upward Spiral
  15. Toï Doï: Fonction d’onde
  16. Flyh: Sputnik
  17. Baal: No Window
  18. Syntax Error: Bitmap Bugs
  19. Kashyyyk: Charly And Ervin
  20. Gappeq: Tower Of Babel
  21. Phi: Everything Never Can’t Stop Us, Dude
  22. Jaws Underground: Johnny Got Is Gun
  23. Gappeq: Mobius Strip
  24. Slum: Sneak, Beneath My Notice
  25. Highko & Looping: Chillout (Beloochi Remix by Psykovsky)
  26. Sienis: Phinary
  27. Time Lock: Flying
  28. Crownick: Petrified
  29. Toï Doï: Saturnday
  30. Sienis: High Frequency Science
  31. Crownick: Acoustical Veins
  32. Scorb: Mutoid (Extended Version)
  33. Tamlin: Fjaqek
  34. CCL: LF-Ants
  35. Meteloids: 48 Krunchy
  36. Psykovsky: Suddenly
  37. Fungus Funk: Metropolis (Robot Empire) (Propaganda Remix by Psykovsky)
  38. Tutankhamon 9000: Lost In Luxor
  39. Psyside: Hysteria
  40. CCL: Unleash The Beast
  41. Digital Talk: Abyss
  42. Sabretooth: Smooth Hound

Enjoy the music.