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Ilya Birman: Cargo (2016 Mix)

In 2016 I’ve re-mixed my old progressive house track Cargo, and now it sounds much better

Live Mix: Design

On the 21st of April I played techno in Art. Lebedev Studio

Live Mix: Transversal

Two weeks ago I played some techno at “Kvadrat”. It was my first live techno set, went far from perfect, but it was fun

Promo mix: Crystal Smile

Here is my new morning psytrance / full on mix, Crystal Smile

Promo mix: Lights

Here is my new atmospheric progressive house mix

John Siracusa on vinyl

John Siracusa’s meticulous explanations of the obvious (to you) things are charming. The latest one I took a great pleasure listening to, is on vinyl vs CD in the episode 60 of ATP...

Promo mix: Locket Rauncher

Check out my new dark psytrance / new school hard goa mix, Locket Rauncher


Wow, this is great. An iPhone app to make some music on the go, from Propellerhead

Wireless DJ, now with effects

Wireless DJ, the iPad MIDI controller (created by Evgen Bodunov and myself), has been updated to support effects

Sigward: Obvious Cinema

One of the best tracks of 2011