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Live Mix: Design

On the 21st of April I played techno in Art. Lebedev Studio

Live mix: Loophole

This saturday I played techno in Bukowski Bar: Ilya Birman: Loophole (Live at Bukowski, Jan 6, 2017

Live Mix: Transversal

Two weeks ago I played some techno at “Kvadrat”. It was my first live techno set, went far from perfect, but it was fun

Promo mix: Domino

Here is my new promo mix, Domino: Ilya Birman: Domino (Studio Mix

Promo mix: Crystal Smile

Here is my new morning psytrance / full on mix, Crystal Smile

Promo mix: Lights

Here is my new atmospheric progressive house mix

Promo mix: Locket Rauncher

Check out my new dark psytrance / new school hard goa mix, Locket Rauncher

Promo mix: Twist in my Sobriety

Summer is coming to the northern hemisphere, and here’s a mix to welcome it

Promo mix: Freed

The new mix is a progressive house one. Ilya Birman: Freed (Studio Mix

Promo mix: I Wanna Go Back

Made a new promo mix during the holidays (in Russia we have holidays after the New Year). Listen to it here