WordPress and caching

Ben Brooks writes about WordPress plugins for sending links to Twitter:

There has been one problem with my site and WP to Twitter — it posts the tweet before the database cache is done updating... Whenever this happens I have to dump the cache, not hard, but annoying.

The biggest feature (for me) that WP Tweets Pro brings: a delay setting for the Tweets. Now all TBR tweets will be delayed by one minute, thus (hopefully) solving all my problems. This plugin also has some other cool features, and for $25 — why not.

Wait, what? The world’s most popular blogging platform can’t even dump its caches when they expire? This is ridiculous. And Ben writes about it as if it was OK. It’s so embarrassing for such a thing to even exist. It’s 2012, not 1997, right? And one minute delay for $25 — what an elegant solution.

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