Apple and Kaspersky

If an executive at some company announces a product or any meaningful partnership with Apple or somebody says that such an announcement has been made, ignore the news. It’s easy: Apple announces all its stuff itself.

Kaspersky’s CTO says Apple asked it to analyze OS X for vulnerabilities. Resolution: bullshit. Let’s imagine for a second that Apple really did ask Kaspersky to do that. Obviously Apple would want that Kaspersky keep their mouth shut. Why would Kaspersky ignore that and speak out anyway? Only one explanation: because they are not in any relationships with Apple and never were.

Kaspersky likes to publicly say bad things about Apple and its security. It doesn’t matter if they are even right, but they surely repel Apple. Apple completely ignored their latest attempt to “help” with Flashback. Do you want help from someone who bashes you all the time?

Kaspersky is terrified that soon there will be no place for them in the world and they are desperately trying to make people think they are important. I’m sure they analyze OS X for vulnerabilities day and night without any requests from Apple in hope to find something and say: you need us. Of course security experts will always have job. But if Apple needs them, they will have a job at Apple.