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Emcee 2.2 for Music

The new version of Emcee has been released with support for macOS Catalina’s new Music app. Other changes include better Dark Theme support and bug fixed

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Emcee 2.0 supports Yosemite

The new version works well with Yosemite, including Dark Mode

 109   2014   Emcee   projects

Emcee 1.8 supports Spotify

Alexey Blinov has updated our app Emcee with Spotify support

 80   2014   Emcee   projects

Emcee 1.7

An update to Emcee adds the ability to set a song’s rating right from its menu

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Emcee 1.6.1

A small update to Emcee is out. It is an app that displays the currently playing iTunes song title in the menu bar

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