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BarPrepHero user interface

I designed the new user interface for the BarPrepHero app. Now it stands out among apps for lawyers

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Jouele Pro

Jouele is an amazing audio player for the web. It was built to look simple and beautiful, and to use a simple and beautiful declarative API

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The new Chelyabinsk Trams diagram

Over ten years ago I made the diagram of Chelyabinsk trams and trolleybuses. That design turned out to be very successful

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Work for 500Tech

Done a couple of projects for 500Tech. Improved the logo (it was almost the same, but I had to rebuild it from scratch...

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Aegea 2.7 released

Aegea 2.7 has been released. Aegea is a great blogging engine

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Aegea 2.6 released

Aegea 2.6 has been released. Aegea is a great blogging engine

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Securige operator user interface

I’ve designed the UI for the panel protection program Securige. It’s a program where operators see if someone’s broken into your apartment and send the rapid response team if they have...

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Jouele 2.3

Jouele is a simple and beautiful audio player for the web. Eugene Lazarev has been developing it lately

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Mimic 2.0: The client’s feedback

I’ve recently designed the new user interface for Mimic, a web developer tool for mocking server responses in a browser

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User interface for Mimic 2.0

A web application’s front end (what the user sees) and back end (what happens on a remote server) are often developed separately

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