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Derbent bus map

Check out our new transit map. This time it’s Derbent

Bus lane sign

Together with Nikita Dubrovin, we made a new road sign

BarPrepHero user interface

I designed the new user interface for the BarPrepHero app. Now it stands out among apps for lawyers

Jouele Pro

Jouele is an amazing audio player for the web. It was built to look simple and beautiful, and to use a simple and beautiful declarative API

The new Chelyabinsk Trams diagram

Over ten years ago I made the diagram of Chelyabinsk trams and trolleybuses. That design turned out to be very successful

Work for 500Tech

Done a couple of projects for 500Tech. Improved the logo (it was almost the same, but I had to rebuild it from scratch...

Aegea 2.7 released

Aegea 2.7 has been released. Aegea is a great blogging engine

Aegea 2.6 released

Aegea 2.6 has been released. Aegea is a great blogging engine

Securige operator user interface

I’ve designed the UI for the panel protection program Securige. It’s a program where operators see if someone’s broken into your apartment and send the rapid response team if they have...

Jouele 2.3

Jouele is a simple and beautiful audio player for the web. Eugene Lazarev has been developing it lately

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