Emcee 3.2 works in macOS Ventura

Good news everyone. The app Emcee that we made together with Alexey Blinov, now works in macOS Ventura:

If you didn’t know about Emcee:

Other apps distract with semi-transparent widgets over what you do. Yet, when you wonder what’s playing, there is no ansnwer on the screen.

Emcee is always visible. The song name does not scroll, it stands still.

Click for playback controls. Alt-Click for needle drop.

The way the menu bar works on the Mac is that if any item on the right no longer fits, it simply disappears. To prevent the OS from hiding Emcee entirely, it adapts its content based on the available space. For example, if the both the artist and the track name don’t fit, Emcee only shows the track name; if it still doesn’t fit, Emcee would at least show its icon.

Ventura sadly no longer lets menu items adapt their content based on free space in the menu bar, so Emcee was always just showing its icon. In the new version, we no longer try to adapt the content in Ventura, so if it doesn’t fit, it disappears entirely. In older macOS versions the behavior is unchanged.

We’ve also updated the app’s icon.