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Designing declarative APIs

The video of my Piter CSS conference talk “Designing declarative APIs” has been published

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Emerge 1.3.1

I’ve updated Emerge to version 1.3.1, where I’ve fixed a couple of bugs. One is related to the display of the spinner

 5   2017   Emerge   release

How to use Emerge to make your website load nicely

Most web pages don’t load pleasantly. Loading takes time, images and other elements appear in a random order...

 7   2017   Emerge

Emerge 1.3 with video support and replay control

In 2013, I released Emerge, a page load coordinator

 13   2016   Emerge   release

Emerge.js with a new spinner and scrolling support

In 2013, I’ve released Emerge.js, a framework for coordinated page loading

 11   2015   Emerge   projects   web

A proposal for custom website loaders: loading.html

In a browser, when you enter a website address and press Enter, the first thing you see is white screen — no matter how fast your internet connection is

 23   2014   browsers   Emerge   web

Emerge.js, a framework for coordinated page loading

When a web page is loading, images appear in random order, causing unpleasant flashing. Good web developers have learned to deal with the issue by coordinating things with Javascript

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