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Jouele Pro

Jouele is an amazing audio player for the web. It was built to look simple and beautiful, and to use a simple and beautiful declarative API

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Designing declarative APIs

The video of my Piter CSS conference talk “Designing declarative APIs” has been published

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Jouele 2.3

Jouele is a simple and beautiful audio player for the web. Eugene Lazarev has been developing it lately

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Jouele 2.1

Eugene Lazarev has updated Jouele to version 2.1. It works much faster when multiple audio tracks are used on a page

 118   2016   Jouele   projects   web

Jouele 2.0

Three years ago I made Jouele, a good audio player for the web

 91   2015   Jouele   projects   web

Meet Jouele, an audio player for the web

My audio player is now available for everyone. It’s called Jouele

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