Jouele 2.3

Jouele 2.3

Jouele is a simple and beautiful audio player for the web. Eugene Lazarev has been developing it lately.

Version 2.3 has been released. Jouele now uses Howler (bundled) instead of jPlayer. This change helps use less bandwidth, display the preloader better and get rid of several bugs. The data-repeat feature is now supported on single tracks. When a file is unavailable, Jouele shows this with an icon, instead of just “hanging”. The markup works better in different browsers.

Song example:

See documentation on Github.

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Jouele 2.0

Jouele 2.0

Three years ago I made Jouele, a good audio player for the web.

Eugene Lazarev has made version 2.0. The player has dropped the skeuomorphic look and got even nicer. It is now easier to customize the colours. The new version has dynamic initialisation, and is a jQuery plugin with an API (these are presumably good things). I have installed it on my website.


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