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Wireless DJ redesigned

Wireless DJ is an iPad controller for Traktor Pro or any other MIDI-enabled DJ software. You connect it to a wireless network shared with your computer

Wireless DJ with Sync

The new version 1.6 of Wireless DJ includes the Master/Sync buttons. Now you can rely on software for beat matching and just concentrate on mixing and effects

Wireless DJ with a setup guide

Together with Evgen Bodunov we’ve just released an update to Wireless DJ. The new version 1.5 includes a step-by-step setup guide

Wireless DJ retina update

It took Apple more than a week to review the update, but it’s finally ready for sale: Wireless DJ 1.4 with Retina Display support...

How we decide on Wireless DJ features

The users of Wireless DJ ask us: why isn’t there feature X or feature Y? There are some apps on the App Store that have more features than we do, but our customers like the polish and the friendliness

Wireless DJ, now with effects

Wireless DJ, the iPad MIDI controller (created by Evgen Bodunov and myself), has been updated to support effects