The beauty of silence

Breaking news:

A law was passed that in order to drive a car [...] in Britain, there had to be a person walking in front of the car, waving a red flag and blowing a horn.

OK, this is not news, this is history. But, wasn’t it ridiculous? Waving a red flag and blowing a horn! Like an idiot!

Now, to the news. Electric cars are beautifully quiet, but can be dangerous: people don’t know the car is approaching and get killed. And so car manufacturers are making the cars produce artificial noise. Like idiots. The article even says that “recent legislative efforts in the US are making it mandatory that companies add artificial engine sounds to electric vehicles”. Here’s an Audi video about production of such sounds:

They are trying to make it “cool”, but it is so wrong. Noise does not make a car any more useful. Noise is there because of the imperfect aging technology, not because we wanted it to be there. Noise is pollution, we must get rid of it.

People will get used to the beauty of silence. And love it.

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