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Correcting the capture time of your photos

I prefer my photos’ metadata to include the correct capture time, regardless of which timezone it was taken in

John Siracusa on vinyl

John Siracusa’s meticulous explanations of the obvious (to you) things are charming. The latest one I took a great pleasure listening to, is on vinyl vs CD in the episode 60 of ATP...

How I bought into the iOS 7 icons’ large circles

Many designers seem to not like the size of the circles in iOS 7 icons constructed with the help of “Jonny Ive’s grid”

Sony’s lens cameras

Looks like my dream is to come true very soon

A stylus and a touchscreen

One of Steve Jobs’s quotes goes

Apple and Kaspersky

If an executive at some company announces a product or any meaningful partnership with Apple or somebody says that such an announcement has been made, ignore the news

The beauty of silence

Breaking news

DSLR cameras should become iPhone docks

If you just want to take a picture, you use your iPhone. But what if you want great quality? Not “great for a phone”, but plain great?

Tech specs as a measure of ineffectiveness

John Gruber on irrelevance of tech specs today