When people get a Mac

There are many explanations to the fact that some prefer Mac to Windows. They suffer religious fanaticism. They worship Steve Jobs. They want to impress others with an expensive gadget. After all, no one argues the power of Apple’s marketing.

But the idea that Macs are of higher quality and reliability seems unfounded. Obviously this can’t be true. Those who choose Macs are fooled. Marketers make naïve people buy expensive things with fictional advantages. The members of the Mac sect aren’t intelligent enough to understand that Mac is just a dummy in a sweet box.

In the last couple of years five or six of my anti-Apple friends who loved to make fun of Macs, switched. Quickly their homes became full with Apple gadgets. And now they help their relatives and friends switch too. It’s pain to see how people become dumb and unreasonable. It’s pain to see how they lose their ability to confront the Apple Church evangelism. It’s pain to see them outsmarted and robbed by selfish “entrepreneurs” from Cupertino.

Once we were discussing Macs and fanboys with Evgeny Stepanischev, and he said: “When I used Windows I thought you were a fan, but I no longer think so”. Not long ago John Gruber gave a definition of fanboy: “Someone who began using Apple products before you did”. These are striking examples of previously normal people losing control of their action and mind. How to make these people regain reason and common sense? How to escape the terrible crisis?