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Feedback first

Here is my talk from FDConf, Minsk about feedback in the user interface:

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Perfect coincidence: ass spinner

This TV set in a cafe has lost signal while showing a biathlon race:

A loading indicator has been spinning around a biathlete’s ass for minutes: “here, pay attention, this is the most important part”.

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UI Animations: four things

Here’s a video of my recent talk about UI Animations at AngularJS-IL meetup in Tel Aviv:

The video quality is not good because this wasn’t even meant to be recorded. I am lucky to have the video at all. Also, this was my first public talk in English — sorry about some slips.

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Uvildy ice

Uvildy is a lake about 100 km from my home city of Chelyabinsk, Russia. In winter, it freezes over. Where there is no snow on the surface, the transparent ice looks stunning.

I have made a video today:

And also took several pictures (original size; right-click to save and use as wallpaper, if you like):

Camera: iPhone 5s.

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Steve Jobs demos the Mac in 1984

Watch this video. I am almost as excited about the stuff they show as the audience:

I think the 2007 iPhone demo will look impressive even in thirty years.

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Online video and opening titles

Online video does not require an opening title.

On television, opening title is the only way to introduce a program. It alerts the viewers that the program is about to begin, giving them several seconds to make themselves comfortable in front of the TV.

On the Internet, the video is introduced by the content of the page it is on. There is already a title and in most cases even a description. And it’s up to user when to hit “Play”. When she does, there’s no point in alerting her, it just irritates her by delaying the show.

If video is made to be used on many different sites and thus needs some sort of title within itself, it’s always better to use a signature in the corner or on a plate which fades out shortly.

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