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“User Interface” book demo in Intercom

Here’s a short fragment of my UI course in Intercom (Dublin). Talking about paging and scrolling, I show how my book “User Interface” works

Map as a symbol talk video

Transit Mapping Symposium has published the video of my February Paris talk, “Map as a symbol”

Feedback first

Here is my talk from FDConf, Minsk about feedback in the user interface

Perfect coincidence: ass spinner

This TV set in a cafe has lost signal while showing a biathlon race

UI Animations: four things

Here’s a video of my recent talk about UI Animations at AngularJS-IL meetup in Tel Aviv

Uvildy road in the fall

Yesterday I was driving from Uvildy back to Chelyabinsk. Here is the beauty of the fall for you

Uvildy ice

Uvildy is a lake about 100 km from my home city of Chelyabinsk, Russia. In winter, it freezes over. Where there is no snow on the surface, the transparent ice looks stunning

Steve Jobs demos the Mac in 1984

Watch this video. I am almost as excited about the stuff they show as the audience


About two years ago I wrote that DSLR cameras had to become iPhone docks. Several month ago Sony has presented its lens cameras, but it was not quite that

Sony’s lens cameras

Looks like my dream is to come true very soon

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