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Apple says:

Why do they want me to decrypt the date? It’s OK to shorten the dates this way when writing by hand or when there is no space. But here, the word “June” should be written in full.

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How to not destroy Apple cables

Apple cables suck. If you aren’t particularly careful with them, they get destroyed quickly. But I haven’t destroyed a single one in my life.

How to not destroy Apple cables

Most people take the power adapter and tightly wrap the cable around it, thus significantly bending it at its weakest point. Instead, let it go freely straight from the brick for an inch, then wrap around. The same goes for lightning and earphones cables.

Still, Apple cables suck.

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Jony Ive on blunt criticism

I am listening to an audiobook on Steve Jobs. A quote about blunt criticism:

That’s why “That’s shit!” was as common response from Steve as a pointed question or a thoughtful discussion. He wanted smart answers and he didn’t want to waste time on niceties when it was simpler to be clear, no matter how critical his response.

“The reason you sugarcoat things is that you don’t want anyone to think you are an asshole. So, that’s vanity”, explains Jony Ive […] “As a design chief, I was on a receiving end of Steve’s blunt criticisms as much as anyone”. Whenever he felt abused he would tell himself that someone who sugarcoats his true opinions might not really even be all that concerned about the other person’s feelings, he just doesn’t want to appear to be a jerk. But if he really cared about the work, he would be less vain and would talk directly about the work.

That’s the way Steve was. That’s why he’d say “That’s shit!”, but then the next day or the next after he also would just as likely come back saying, “Jony, I’ve been thinking a lot about what you’ve showed me, and I think it’s very interesting after all. Let’s talk about it some more”.

Steve put it this way: “You hire people who are better than you are at certain things and then make sure they know that they need to tell you when you’re wrong”.

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On iPhone sizes

In September, Apple introduced iPhones 6 and 6 Plus, both bigger than iPhones 5s and 5c. I’ve tried holding the new phones in my hand and found even the 6 to be way too big.

I would prefer an old-size phone but faster, with a better camera and with Apple Pay. I am not alone. But there are no new phones at the old size. If you don’t like the new size, you will have to get the last-year model.

Maybe Apple is saying goodbye to the 4-inch screens and we will have to accept this. But I am not sure that’s what Apple is doing. Look at this picture from the September event blog:

There is no clear separation between the last year models and the new models. This is simply “iPhone lineup” with the phones of three sizes: 4-inch, 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch. Showing three new devices at the same time could be just too much for one event. But Apple could update the 4-inch models next year.

A phone is a device where the size is a matter of preference, like a laptop or a TV. There is no “right” size: bigger screen shows more (good), but takes more space (bad). Apple has now accepted this truth. So maybe in the future when you buy a new iPhone, you will be asked not only “what color?”, but also “small, medium or large?”

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How Apple Pay could work on Apple Watch without Touch ID

When Apple revealed Apple Pay, they first showed it on an iPhone with Touch ID and later mentioned that it would also work with the Apple Watch. But how does Apple Watch know that you are you without Touch ID?

How Apple Pay could work on Apple Watch without Touch ID

Here is an idea.

Apple Watch requires the iPhone. It would make sense if Apple Pay on the Watch required the iPhone with Apple Pay support. The only such phones are the 6 and the 6 Plus. Both have Touch ID.

Apple Watch can tell if someone is wearing it using its heartbeat sensor. When no one is wearing the watch, it will not work with Apple Pay. When you put the watch on, it will still not work with Apple Pay, as it does not know who is wearing it. As soon as you use Touch ID for the first time to unlock your phone in a close proximity, the Watch will enter a “secure state”: now it knows that it is put on your hand. From that moment Apple Pay will work until you take the Watch off or the phone gets too far away from it.

The chance that you are trying to buy something before you’ve unlocked your phone for the first time during a day is almost zero. And in this rare case the Watch can just ask you politely to confirm the payment with Touch ID.

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What makes Macbook Air look ancient

Here is a picture of a MacBook Air from the Apple’s website:

If there is anything that makes this machine look ancient, it is the screen bezel. I don’t know how much thinner it can be with the current state of technology, but it really needs to get thinner. Hopefully, Apple does that with their rumored update.

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On Jordan Price’s experience working at Apple

Jordan Price in I wanted to work at Apple really bad, and now not so much:

Then at lunch time I wiped the iPad data clean, put the files I had been working on neatly on the server, left all their belongings on my desk, and I got in my car and drove home. I left a message for my boss and told him he’s the worst boss I had ever encountered in my entire professional career...

Ok, so what you are saying is that all the time you have been working at Apple you have not tried to solve the problems you had, prefering to ignore them instead. And when it got unbearable, you just left, betraying your employer and your recruiter.

And then you are saying that you are looking for a new job. Oops.

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Steve Jobs demos the Mac in 1984

Watch this video. I am almost as excited about the stuff they show as the audience:

I think the 2007 iPhone demo will look impressive even in thirty years.

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Apple, please do not make a 4K display

In several hours Apple will unveil its new products, which are believed to be the new iPads, MacBooks and the new Mac Pro.

Some people have speculated that along with the new Mac Pro Apple will release a new 4K display. Or at least expressed an opinion that such a move would be welcome. Particularly, Marco Arment has said in the latest Talk Show, that he would buy one (or even two) immediately.

A new, better desktop display is what I want either, but 4K is not an answer to that at all.

I am currently using the Apple’s 30-inch Cinema Display from 2004 running at 2560×1600 resolution. Unfortunately, noone, including Apple, has since released a better display for me. Apple’s own newer displays, i.e. a 27-inch Thunderbolt display or a 27-inch iMac display, run just 2560×1440. And not only the resolution is lower, these displays are also glossy, whereas I prefer a mirror to be a separate device. If Apple announces a 4K display later today, I don’t see how it can be better than the 2004 one I already have.

There are different definitions as to what 4K resolution means. Let’s say Apple picks a 4096-pixels-wide option. So for a 16:10 display, the resolution would be 4096×2560. Now there are three options as to how to use these pixels.

The standard “retina” pixel-doubling approach will result in an effective 2048×1280 resolution. So I will end up with 36% less real estate than I have now. Also, on a 30-inch display such 2×2 “pixels” will be gigantic and all non-retina stuff will look ugly (and I don’t want to “upgrade” to a smaller display). So this does not work at all. Another option would be to use scaling (as available on the retina MacBook Pros). While scaling definitely looks OK on retina, I want to enjoy razor-sharp pixels on my new display, not some blurry crap (even if it is not that blurry). And the last option would be to use the actual 4096×2560 as is. With Mac’s very poor ability to scale UI fonts, I don’t think I will be able to see anything in such a mode. I doubt this option will even be available without some sort of a hack.

As you see, there’s no way a 4K display can be any better than the good old 2004 Cinema Display. So I hope Apple will not use 4K and will go straight to “5K” with a 5120×3200 30-inch matte Retina Cinema Display. Please?

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