Ben Thompson on Apple versus Amazon


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How Apple can preserve face while recovering from the MacBook Pro mistakes

In The best laptop ever made, Marco Arment outlines just how great the previous-generation MacBook Pros were

 5   2017   Apple   Mac

Apple WWDC date

Apple says: Why do they want me to decrypt the date? It’s OK to shorten the dates this way when writing by hand or when there is no space...

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How to not destroy Apple cables

Apple cables suck. If you aren’t particularly careful with them, they get destroyed quickly. But I haven’t destroyed a single one in my life

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Jony Ive on blunt criticism

I am listening to an audiobook on Steve Jobs. A quote about blunt criticism

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UI performance comparison: Tiger vs. Yosemite

True: I don’t care whether it is a “if Steve Jobs was alive” thing or not, but Apple’s software quality is definitely getting worse

 19   2014   Apple   user interface

On iPhone sizes

In September, Apple introduced iPhones 6 and 6 Plus, both bigger than iPhones 5s and 5c. I’ve tried holding the new phones in my hand and found even the 6 to be way too big

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How Apple Pay could work on Apple Watch without Touch ID

When Apple revealed Apple Pay, they first showed it on an iPhone with Touch ID and later mentioned that it would also work with the Apple Watch

 17   2014   Apple   Apple Watch   iPhone

What makes Macbook Air look ancient

Here is a picture of a MacBook Air from the Apple’s website

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On Jordan Price’s experience working at Apple

Jordan Price in I wanted to work at Apple really bad, and now not so much

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