Signs in an Israeli train bathroom

A couple of days ago I visited Beersheba, a city in southern Israel.

In the train bathroom, there are two signs, one above the toilet, one above the button:

Both are dumb.

The sign above the toilet wants you to not throw paper and diapers in the toilet as there is a bin for that:

But what do you really see? The toilet is crossed out (there is no toilet?). At a glance, you just see a green checkmark and a hand that throws stuff. So, it’s OK to throw stuff. Nobody cares that there is a bin on the sign: the sign itself in placed above the toilet. The proximity is more powerful than the pictogram of the bin.

The sign above the button is dumb in a different way. The pictogram explains that it’s a button next to the toilet:

Oh really? I had no idea that it’s a button next to the toilet!