Let’s start with the overall impression. There are buildings with fancy signage. “House of Culture of the October Revolution”:

Dimensional signage:

You might assume this is a view of the same building from the other side, but no, this is a different building:

Love the old Aeroflot logo very much:


Kukol (apparently, from “Teatr kukol”, meaning “Puppet Theater”):

Kassy (box office):

A nice arrangement of ул. (street) and им. (named after) on the sign:

Sometimes buildings from different eras make good neighbors:

A house with a huge canopy or whatever it is:

Another nice house, but with a terrible fence:

The coolest house:

The coziest house:

The bluest house:

Courtyard as if you were in London:


Looks bad, but on the other hand, it’s about Mayakovsky, so there is something to it:

A more typical view of Novosibirsk is like this:

The pictures are from the trip in April 2021.