SIM cards must die

So, Apple still fighting for smaller SIM card standard for future iPhones. What? Why isn’t Apple fighting to kill the SIM cards? In the future, there won’t exist any SIM cards, and we will choose carriers like we choose Wi-Fi networks.

The phone presents me with a list of available carriers. I pick the one I like or select to learn more about it (coverage, service plans etc). If I choose a new one, the phone asks me to choose a plan and other details. Then it asks me if it’s fine to share my payment information with the selected carrier. I confirm. Done. Something like this:

Carriers don’t want that because it will prevent them from locking in customers. But who cares? How many things the carriers used to like Apple has already killed? It’s about time to kill the most clumsy and archaic one, the SIM card.

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