Postponing a call

After I’ve seen a missed call on the list, iPhone removes the red badge off the Phone App icon. But I don’t always have time to return a call at that exact moment. And later I simply forget to. So I end up not returning some of my calls, and people probably think I’m a bad person. We all mark mail as unread, I’d like the same for calls. But it could be odd. Especially if you could mark a call as “missed” when in fact it wasn’t. Or if it was a call you initiated.

In any case, there must be a way to “postpone” a call. Whenever you see someone calling or you’ve missed a call, just press “Remind in an hour”, and in an hour the phone asks “So, do you want to call John back?” It must be integrated with Reminders for syncing and location support. “Remind me to call back in the evening when I’m home”. On iPhone 4S this is seemingly solved by Siri. But what should the ordinary people (i.e. users of iPhone 4) do?