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iOS Safari and memory management

Here’s what I don’t get about the iPhone’s Safari and memory management

 3 comments    3977   2019   iPhone   Safari

Monument Valley 2

During WWDC, the new Monument Valley was released. It’s the most splendid game ever. I’ve finished it, having made some screenshots

 22   2017   design   iPhone

The revolution in the mobile user interface

It’s about time to flip the mobile user interface vertically

 47   2017   iPhone   user interface

iPhone passcode keyboard rendering bug

Years pass, but Apple just wouldn’t fix this bug in iOS. When the iPhone asks you for the passcode, it shows the keyboard where system keys’ borders aren’t semitransparent

 88   2017   bugs   iPhone

The design of the iPhone 7

Somehow it’s become a common knowledge that the design of the iPhone 7 is almost the same as the design of the iPhone 6

 46   2017   design   iPhone

Reminders app is so buggy

Reminders is one of buggiest apps Apple has ever made. Sometimes it forgets to remind, sometimes it reminds twice

 9   2016   bugs   iPhone   Mac   software

Create a new contact or add to an existing one?

Boy do I hate this question: Sometimes I tap “Create New Contact” and end up with two records for one person...

 322   2016   iPhone   user interface

Use without internet or use other network

Sometimes when you connect to a Wi-Fi network, a login window pops up, but it remains blank for a long time

 46   2016   iPhone   user interface

On iPhone sizes

In September, Apple introduced iPhones 6 and 6 Plus, both bigger than iPhones 5s and 5c. I’ve tried holding the new phones in my hand and found even the 6 to be way too big

 230   2014   Apple   iPhone

John Gruber compares iPhone and Apple Watch introductions

John Gruber compares iPhone and Apple Watch introductions in Episode 14 of Electric Shadow podcast (starting at around 1h 24m mark...

 13   2014   Apple Watch   Gruber   iPhone   quotes
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