Some details in Mountain Lion

  1. Launchpad no longer displays all the Adobe’s crap “apps” (the likes of “Uninstall Adobe Flash Extension Manager Help Center Updater”). Somehow it learned to distinguish between real apps and this useless stuff.
  2. Apple for some reason decided that Launchpad should have not eight, but seven icons in a row, which broke all my logical page arrangements. Oh well. Had to reorganize it. I hope in ML it will at least remember the positions well and don’t shuffle them unexpectedly. By the way, search in Launchpad is great.
  3. When you delete a file in Finder, it no longer moves selection to parent directory. Huge win (via Aleksander Karpinsky).
  4. Many have already pointer out that the battery icon in the main menu no longer has an option to display time remaining, only the percentage. But what’s more important, when you ask it to display percentage, it now displays it to the left of the icon (iOS style) and doesn’t enclose it in the stupid, useless and noisy parentheses. I wonder what made them use those parentheses in the first place. Anyway, I don’t want to see the percentage anyway.
  5. In Calendars, when some of the day’s events are out of view (i. e. you are viewing a schedule from noon to midnight, but you have an event in 9 am), they are still shown as small “tails” on the edges, so while you don’t see what event or events are there, you least know that there is something.
  6. In Mail, if you put a folder (e. g. “Projects”) in the bookmarks bar, it no longer behaves like a pull-down menu. Instead, it takes the name of the form “Projects — The TTP Project” using the name of the subfolder you last opened and opens that folder immediately. To see the whole list of subfolders, you need to click the little triangle on the right.
  7. When you right click a mail and select “Move To”, Mail no longer displays the whole mailbox hierarchy for you to pick a folder. Instead, it shows just the top-level folders, any of which you can hover to reveal a submenu of its subfolders and so on. This made the “Move To” command almost impossible to use, because the menu structure is just too fragile to use confidently. This turned out not to be true. In reality Mail displays each folder as a menu of its own if it is collapsed in the mailbox sidebar and as a list of subfolders if it is not. And it does the same in Lion. The reason for my experience is that in Lion I had all my hierarchy expanded and in ML it was not.
  8. You can now drag a file from somewhere to an app icon in Launchpad to open with. Start dragging, then press your Launchpad hotkey (it’s ⌘Esc for me) and drop a file on an any icon that would accept it. Cool.

What else?